The first thing to do is to keep yourself informed. To do that, use the link at the foot of this page to contact us so that you can be added to our email mailing list, and visit this website's home page for the latest news.

The effectiveness of our campaign comes not from supreme efforts by a handful of individuals, but from the steady pressure exerted by many people doing just a little. Here are some of the little things that you can do to boost that steady pressure.

Save Irchester Village campaign poster

You can help by displaying a poster in your window. The large number of these posters greatly impressed the Inspector with Irchester’s strength of feeling when he visited the village in 2013.

Contact us if you would like a poster. Alternatively, you can print your own window poster.

You can help by sending an objection letter to the Borough Council of Wellingborough’s Planning Department. What's more, if you think of additional objections afterwards, you can write more letters. The bigger the pile of objection letters, the greater the effect. Two separate, identical letters have more impact than one letter signed by two people.

If you'd prefer something quicker and more convenient than writing a letter, you can register an objection directly via the Wellingborough Borough Council Planning Department’s online facility.

If you are partial to a little gentle exercise in the fresh air, you can help by delivering campaign leaflets to your neighbours so that they are kept informed.

You can help by signing petitions. We'll use this website to let you know whenever a petition is available.

You can help by attending our good-humoured demonstrations. This picture shows smiling village residents outside Swanspool House on 13th August 2012, just before the Planning Committee met to consider the first Barwood application for the Chester Road site.

Everyone was admitted to the meeting, and several Save Irchester Village campaigners were given the opportunity to deliver three-minute presentations on various matters of concern relating to the planning application.

The presentations went very well and the presenters made their points very cogently. The arguments found favour with the Planning Committee, who proceeded to reject that first Barwood application. If you would like to be a presenter at a future meeting, Save Irchester Village will coach you and rehearse you so that your presentation is equally successful.

To join in and to offer suggestions, contact us via email.

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You can submit an objection letter online at the Borough Council of Wellingborough's Planning Applications website.

For instructions on how to find a given application and submit an objection letter, click here.


When a developer appeals to the Secretary of State and an Inquiry is imminent, you can make representations to the Planning Inspectorate via the Planning Portal.

You can comment, and you can modify or withdraw previous representations which you have made via the Borough Council of Wellingborough's Planning Applications website.

We'll keep you posted via the home page's Latest News column.

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